Astrology: Transformation & Empowerment
by Adrian Ross Duncan

This book, Astrology: Transformation & Empowerment, is a great manual for professional (expert) astrological practitioners.  Arranged as a guide for empowering people to create transformation via examination of their horoscopes, this book  covers every aspect of working with clients to create positive changes within their lives.

The first part of the book is focused on NLP techniques that can be used to read a client’s body language, and also includes information on mind reading.  The next section of the book investigates how different planetary combinations evoke particular responses, affect relationships, and map in the future.  And, the last part of the book is devoted to teaching techniques for expanding awareness of problems at hand, re-framing readings, and discovering new communication systems.  Duncan has included several examples and excerpts from his sessions with clients to help readers understand the application of the concepts he discusses which proves to be an extremely valuable reference.

Unlike many astrology books out there, this book has original content that is thoughtful and intelligent.   It is definitely not written for the novice astrologer as its main purpose is to help experts improve their counseling sessions with clients.  However, anyone interested in the psychological and behavioral connections within the realm of astrology will certainly find this book to be a great addition to his/her collection.

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